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Autochthoinos recommends the following books for those interested in learning about wines from Hungary.

The Wines of Hungary (Mitchell Beazley Classic Wine Library)by Alex Liddell“This reference to the 22 wine regions of Hungary shows how this country, with its once-proud wine tradition, reinvented itself after 45 years of communism, during which time the entire structure of grape growing and wine production was changed out of recognition…He covers over 300 wine producers, not only from the famous regions like Tokaj and Villany…but also from the lesser-known and as yet underdeveloped regions that suggest the potential to make world-class wines.”
Hungary: Its Fine wines and Winemakersby David Copp“An introduction to Hungary and its fine wines and winemakers. The main body of the book deals with the best Hungarian winemakers and their wines. the final chapter summarises the world market for wine and suggests a way forward for Hungarian wines in export markets.”
Tokaji Wine: Fame, Fate, Traditionby Miles Lambert-Gocs“The world’s first botrytis wine, Hungary’s Tokaji won an enviable reputation centuries ago. But never before have the development of its winetypes and the story of its ups and downs in fame and prestige been presented so fully in English. Everything from Hungary’s founding in the 10th century through the recent communist period is covered.”
The History of Wines in Hungary and Italyby Edward Randolph Emerson“In the minds of the early Romans, that part of the country now known as Hungary was so inferior and unworthy that it would not bear development. It was left to the Emperor Probus, in the third century, to inaugurate the cultivation of the vine in this region. There is abundant evidence that the vine did not exist in Hungary while under the dominion of the Huns, nor did the people care for its products.”

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